The Trailbrakes Team have been organising tailor made cycling tours and mountain biking holidays in Scotland and the rest of the UK for over 15 years. Our business began when Peter, our founder, discovered a taste for exploring many rural and picturesque areas of Scotland and Northern England by bike, designing unique cycling and mountain biking routes as he went along. Since 2006 Peter has developed mountain biking routes through some of the most remote and beautiful regions of the UK, has cycled many Sustrans cycling routes and designed unique road cycling routes, many of which have been added to the range of holidays offered by Trailbrakes. Christine, his partner in business and life, was travelling when Peter founded Trailbrakes but, once she returned home to Scotland in 2009, she caught the cycling adventure bug and helped Peter to research and develop new and exciting cycling holidays and mountain biking routes throughout Scotland and northern England. You can read more about us here.

Our passion for cycling and mountain biking has evolved organically over the years, which has meant that all of the cycling tours and mountain biking holidays that we offer have been designed with the joy of cycling in mind. We know each of our routes like the back of our hand, only adding the biking routes to our website once we've biked them ourselves, so that we can give you the most accurate information and advice regarding the terrain and difficulty rating on each of our cycling holidays and mountain biking tours.

Over the years, we've seen the number of competing cycling holiday businesses increase from around 5 when we established Trailbrakes Biking Holidays in 2006, to over 15 today! Many businesses that were originally set up as bike hire companies, luggage transfer companies or walking holiday providers have moved into the cycling holiday market. We've only ever provided cycling holidays and mountain biking tours and that is where our expertise lies. We know all of our biking routes so well that we are able to give advice on places to stop for coffee or lunch on each of your days of cycling or mountain biking. We work with an extensive network of transport, bike shops and luggage transfer providers who have proved themselves reliable and diligent over the years.

The accommodation that we use on our cycling holidays and mountain biking tours are always of the highest standard at each price point so that you know that you'll have a clean, comfortable bed on which to rest your weary bones at the end of an exhilarating day of biking. You can read more about our accommodation provider partners here.

Although we've been providing tailor made cycling holidays and mountain biking tours for over 15 years, we've chosen to keep our business relatively small and therefore perfectly manageable. We know all of our customers by name and we're always at the end of a phone call if you have any questions at all relating to your trip, or if you have any problems during your cycling tour or mountain biking holiday. We believe that we've got the perfect balance between professional expertise and a personalised, bespoke service.

We don't consider cycling and mountain biking a business, but more a way of life! Contact us if you have any questions about a planned cycling holiday or mountain biking tour in the UK.