We just wanted to share a lovely email we received after a recent Hadrian's Cycleway trip for a family from Germany.

Dear Peter,

thank you very much for your E-Mail, which I read now since we started our trip to the Hadrian's wall on Saturday at 1:00 p.m., because we have to take the ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle.

I asked my smaller son and he enjoyed the biking trip very much. For him it was very good, that all of the bikepacks have been collected and transported and so it was just me who carried a backbag.

All accomodation were very good, it was great that there was WIFI which is very important for young travellers. The ways you sent to me were very good, one day my greater son said, look, there is an abbreviation, but when we cycled your way which we got through gpx-routes he said that it was a very good way you showed to us . And after this experience he always said, we follow the way you sent to us. It was very good to have the gpx route with all the Information, how long is the way is and how many meters we have to climb up the hill.

The pieces of tour you sent to us were very good for our condition. And as you wrote to me the last part of the trip was okay for my younger son looking at the distance.

The last B&B was very typical , exspecially when I remember my former trips as a student to Britain staying in B&Bs. We ate a very good breakfast in the dining room of the owner of the house and we talked to her and she talked and helped exspecially my little son and that was great. The wallsend B&B we enjoyed very much and since we travelled first to the other site because of  that address on the green tag, we all said that you sent us to the better place. The supper at King's arm was very good but we reserved for dinner . We did it and in addition to that the owner of the wallsend B&B gave us this tip and that was very good!

The woman of the last B&B gave us a good tip to have an evening meal too. At the Hotel in Haltwhistle the people were very kind and helped us with the window in our room, great!

You organized the trip (except this one mistake on the tag, but the luggage came to right place!!!) very good and all accommodation are very good for us and the children enjoyed the English breakfast at every time.

So in summary for us three boys: it was a fantastic trip and we were lucky with the weather, since only on Saturday morning we had a little rain. It was great that you had organized that at all accomodation the bikes stood in a save room.

Thank you very much for this trip (and excuse my mistakes)

Best wishes from my sons and from me

Yours Arno