Picture yourself cycling across the Firth of Forth, with Scotland's beautiful capital city behind you and uninterrupted views of the iconic red Forth railway bridge to your right. This is the start of the Coast and Castles North cycling route, our newest biking holiday which starts in Edinburgh and finishes in Aberdeen, Scotland's granite city (or the other way around if you'd rather cycle the route from north to south!). We were lucky enough to have four days of wall-to-wall sunshine on our bikes as we researched this new cycling holiday. Whether you're taking part in a cycling holiday, a road biking trip or a mountain biking holiday with us, you can be certain that we have personally ridden your biking route so that we can give you the very best advice when it comes to your cycling holiday. 

We were really impressed with the Coast and Castles North cycle route. There are many miles of beautiful Scottish coastine, dotted with nature reserves and deserted sandy beaches. There are many impressive historical Scottish castles (as the name suggests!), each one with a very colourful and interesting history. And the feature that we loved most about the Coast and Castles North cycle route was the incredible use of many miles of well-maintained traffic-free trail.

So, if you're looking for a hassle-free cycling holiday in Scotland along a route without any massively steep climbs, through some truly coastal stunning scenery then look no further than the Coast and Castles North cycle route. It covers a total of around 170 miles and can be completed in 2 to 5 days of cycling. If you'd like to make the most of the historical sites, we recommend a 4-day cycling tour, which will give you time to explore. All of our cycling holidays and mountain biking tours are totally flexible depending on your holiday dates, the distance you'd like to cycle each day and your accommodation budget. So get in touch with the Trailbrakes team and we'll do our very best to make your cycling holiday dreams come true!